Fuck boys! @#$@$^&@


boys suck.

austin doesnt want a "serious" relationship. agghh
boo him.

gahhh its like he kinda led me on in a way. JERK. agghh im so over it tho.

he still wants to hang out and hook up and stuff tho. LMAO typical guy.
all they think about is the sexual stuff! boo them

boys frustrate me so much!

why cant i just find a guy that wants to be with me! dammmit i miss that feeling sooo much! :(
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this week.

so this week should be nice and easy.

last weekend was pretty fun. i hung out with boys all weekend hehe. friday night i hung out with austin we saw the 40 year old virgin and got ice cream and just hung out hehe i drove his car so basically i dont like driving stick shifts lol saturday was pretty boring. i went to work at 9 until 1 and then came home and did nothing. i went out with steve to go look at cell phone companies cuz he wants a new one i guess. my parents and i went out to get japanese food it was yummy hehe. umm and later that night i went out to bahama bucks with alex from mp. soo yeah that was my saturday. on sunday i did chores all day. BORING. i was really really bored hehe alyssa and i went to the mall windsor didnt have the dress i want! GRr that made me mad haha. ummm later i went over to steves cuz we were both bored. we didnt do much haha eventually we were bored enough we decided to go and find austins house. haha we found it its like right down the street from steves. thats cool hehe. we hung out with him for a bit and man was that fun haha driveing 50 down equestrian trail with austin on the outside of the durango holding on! haha oh and i let steve drive LOL!! he thought it was rather fun haha. ummm i went home and yeah that was sunday. on monday i didnt more chores all day. eventually i went down to the lynches house cuz austin was there and hungout with all of them and then austin and i left and we went and rented meet the fockers haha and went back to his house to watch it hehe it was rather fun :) then i came home and hung out with the family hehe. umm today yeah school. DUMB. english was boring. math was boring. lol yay for boring haha. after school austin and i went to RA for lunch hehe that was fun. then i went home and left for cheer. soo cheer was rather fun! i love having stephanie back it makes me so much happier! hehe =D cheer wasnt horrible today or anything i actually enjoyed it! haha steph and i based together and melissa backspotted hehe that was fun. oh and jasmine flew on us. yeah soo laura said that today was the last day of practice until next month! thank god i needed a break! hehe and i think everyone else needed one too. then i went to work hehe it was fun katelyn and i get along pretty well hehe. =) i found out that katelyn lives in lakewood too! hehe soo yeha that was my day today. tomarrow is gov and intern. easy day. hehe we're watching a movie in gov. and i have tumbling tomarrow night at 7:30 on thursday morning im going in to work on the spirit boxes in lauras room with xanga hehe then more school. i work thursday from 4 til close. friday is gov and intern again. i dont know whats going on this weekend. hopefully something fun will come up! hehe for the next 2 weeks i work tueday, thursday, and saturday. this week i work saturday 1 to close and next weekend i work saturday 9 to 1! hehe fun stuff!
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the last week.

soo this last week has been pretty nice.

monday -- we all went out to eat to applebees after school hehe that was fun. the lady from american cheerleader called me back and we set up a time to do an interview over the phone. i went to my sisters first volley ball game of the season! varsity won yay for them.

tuesday -- blaghhhh tuesday. lol but anyways soo went to class... it was pretty boring. went to cheer after school... left early and went to work.

wednesday -- school wednesday. i was in a weird mood :-/ it was odd. cheer wasnt that great. cuz laura kinda yelled at all of us for all the people who havent been there even tho we all have! soo that started my bad day. went to tumbling i think im gona like the wednesday night class better its so much smaller. so then after my sister and i went to walgreens to get some pictures developed. and then when we were leaving i kind backed into a car :( i was freakin out so bad! but im glad i didnt ruin that car or mine. i talked to the owner and they didnt want to get any money or anything for it. soo then i came home and talked to austin and made it an early night because i was so upset from everything that went on that day.

thursday -- i went to school and ran like a million errends in like 30 min haha. i picked up the pictures from walgreens and mailed them to american cheerleader at mail n more and gassed up the car and got food for work.. then the american cheerleader lady called me and 1 and we did a kinda interview over the phone. i talked to her for like 30 min and then i got on the computer for a bit. talked to austin and eventually left to pick the kids up and go to work. work was fun. holly and i were trying on the costumes and we put in fake balloon boobs and skipped down to target and back! HAHA it was awsome. i closed by myself for the first time.. so that was pretty interesting i didnt have to vaccum so i was happy hehe.

friday -- went to school. had a test in government! ahhh it seemed really easy so hopefully i did good! hehe umm we watched this show about the titanic and theyre last like expedition type thing down to it because the ocean is eating away at the ship so bad. it was really cool. cuz they went into a room that had never been seen before! the turkish bath. that was wayy cool because all of the tiles in the room were still intact! the rest of the day was pretty boring. i came home and talked to austin and we decided we were going to go out that night hehe. sooo yeahh he picked me up and we went and saw 40 year old virgin again! haha it was so funnny! but yes umm then we didnt know what to do sooo yeah we eventually went and got ice cream at coldstone hehe and then i drove his car. lol i dont really like stick shifts. they kinda scare me lol! then he took me home and yeah... we were out front of my house in his car for like 45 min LOL!!

saturday -- i had to work from 9 am to 1 pm. it was pretty easy and boring lol. after that i came home and yeahhh talked to austin OBVIOUSLY lol. umm took my sisters to amy's house and then went home. i went out with steve to look at cell phone companies and stuff cuz he wants to switch. lol and then came home and decided that i wanted to go out with my parents to get tapanaki for dinner soo we did that but we would have had to wait til like 8:30 just get get a tapanaki table so we just had normal japanese food hehe. then came home and i was bored.. sooo i decided to go out to bahama bucks with alex from mp. that was fun hehe. yeah then i came home and got on the phone with austin. and went to bed kinda early.

today -- REALLY BORING. didnt do much at all. picked up my sisters from amy's house. took my dad to pick up his truck and then got a news paper and came home. then later alyssa and i went to the mall to look at dresses for homecoming and what not. sooo windsor didnt have the dress i want soo it made me sad :( haha but yeahh that was pretty boring. and now im bored.

about me and austin ---- we're not boyfriend/girlfriend yet. he still needs to ask me out. but we were talking about it and he was like yeahhhhhh "will you go out with me" is such a stupid question.. and i was like umm yeah it kinda is. and he said that he wants to do something better than that sooo im just waitin but we kinda basically are together i guess? hehe soo that makes me happy =D
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soo i got a message on my answering machine from AMERICAN CHEERLEADER!!!
im soo excited!

so when i first got the message on the machine i started freakin out and screaming! haha
soo when i tried to listen to it again the message machine was being stupid and wouldnt replay it!
finally i got it to replay and i listened to the message and i called the lady back and left her a message telling her to call my cell phone instead of the house because the messageing machine was being messed up!! soo i tottally cant wait for her to call me back! she wants to set up a time for an interview with me and also to get pictures or something! soo im excited for that! hehe =D 

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all you need is love. <3

alright so... just a few things...

ONE- school

sooo school has been going good. classes are pretty nice. i have an A in english, math, and yearbook, but a have a C (77%) in government. i need to get that up to a B before the quarters over! yikes and thats in 5 weeks! next week i have a math test on tuesday. i have a government test on friday. i also have 2 papers due during the week of september 5th. an english paper and a government paper. gotta start writing those. haha i have to do a presentation about elvis presley on monday in government yay that should be easy. umm during yearbook if i have nothing to do i go in caviness' class and bother him haha thats fun. =) i miss having class with him! *sigh* but thats alright i guess. it seems like for the most part we always go out to lunch on mondays after school hehe its quite fun.

TWO- cheer

i absolutely hate cheer right now. and im not that only one who thinks that either. i dont know its just way different than it used to be. alyssa is thinking about not even doing cheer next year! =( all because laura is being stupid this year! goshh this is horrible. i miss how she used to be back during freshman and sophomore year. this year and last year have just been horrible! i honestly dont even think that we should be having practice during volleyball season or during track season. there is no reason for cheer to be year-round. im so glad this is my last year because its starting to drive me crazy. i mean dont get me wrong.. i love cheer. its just i hate it because it makes me so stressed out and its just not fun.

THREE- job

is it sad that i like going to work more than going to cheer practice? yeah thats how much cheer sucks. but anyways i absolutely love my job!! its alot of fun! and the people are pretty cool too! hehe ive worked with this girl katelyn alot and shes pretty cool. she goes to DV and shes a senior too! hehe lets see the balloons are quite fun. and just everything there is so laid back and easy. hehe i found out i get a 40% discount on things that i want. and i also found out that we get paid every 2 weeks. SO yay paycheck next week! i think it'll be around $93.60 not alot of money but you know what im not working that much yet haha. next week i work tuesday and thursday from 4-close and then i work saturday from 9-1. soo that should be fun plus more hours so that'll mean more money on my next paycheck! =D lol

FOUR- friends

soo i just cant get over how much better my new friends are! they are freakin awsome. i spend at least one day every weekend with them. we typically go to a movie one night and just chill another. last week we saw Red Eye! it was good. haha danielle, ami and i went.. haha and we all took guys. (steve, daniel, and austin) haha soo it was kinda like a triple date lol. saturday the girls all came over and we got free makeovers from marykay! that was tons of fun!! and then danielle lizz and i went down to mill that was interesting. haha this week i felt kinda depressed. sooo austin came over on tuesday night =) that made me happier. wednesday i met him for lunch... i decided to go out with micah and mike and john and nick and all of them.. soo austin met us all there and when micah got there they had like a 10 minute convo! haha austin knew all of them soo it was cool. yeah. and then last night steve danielle ami and i went and saw the 40 year old virgin! haha it was soo funny!! tonight im going out with austin... but im not sure what we're doing.

FIVE- boys

yes. i think i like austin now. =)

SIX- car

my parents said if i raised half the money for a car i can get one =) thats exciting. i dont know what kind tho.... and its gona be cheap haha theres noooo way i can earn enough for a brand new car or a really really super nice one! haha

SEVEN- weird dream

i had a weird dream last night.... in my dream ivan came over to my house and he was going to give me his car...... lol =-/ yeah like i said really weird.

im going to go shower now!!! yayyy
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quizzes CUZ i was bored.

Part Passionate Kisser

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You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

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Your mind is practical and rational despite this tendency to jump about.

You are affectionate and loving - but very sensitive.

You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

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I'm lovein it! <3

So far this year has ROCKED!

the last 4 weekends of my senior year have been the best ever, as well as the last 4 weeks!

Its all gone by so fast it doesnt even seem like its the end of the 4th week of school!

Fall Break is coming up fast! and im excited! im going to need a break from school for a bit.... even though im only there for like 4 hours every day! HAHA

YAY for parties... ive been to 2 in the past 4 weeks. Both at Lizz's i love it! =D hehe lots of pictures from them and great memories! other times we went to the movies or just hung out wich is still tons of fun!

danielle steve and i are going running every sunday tuesday and thursday. im going to get in shape for track so i can be xanga. oh and i will beat xanga! BUWA HAHA lol

cheer is going alright. the new girls are picking up on the cheers and chants pretty well so that makes me happy. melissa and i have been working on the design for the t-shirts this year. soon hopefully we;ll have the drawing that venessa is doing for us and then i need to take it to the peopel to see if they can even do it for us. soon we;re going to have to start working on the run throughs for homecoming! i cant wait thats always so fun! hehe ohhh practices are being changed to tuesday (tumbling) wednesday and thursday. sooo im gona hafta leave early every thursday because i have to work.

i got my job. yesterday was the first day i worked it went really well, i think im going to like it! =D hehe umm the girls who work there are really nice. soo im gona meet a new person tomarrow because i work with a different girl tomarrow.

my dad got home from costa rica today! he brought me a shirt! hehe yay i love getting presents! im glad hes home.

this weekend should be fun. on friday we;re all going to see red eye! im so excited to see it! it looks so good! saturday a mary-kay lady is coming over and the girls are coming over too and were gona get free facials! =D how fun! hehe

oh yes and i think i like austin! :) i miss hanging out with him like i used to in 1st-8th grade! im glad i found his myspace and weve started talking and hanging out! he likes me and i like him, so we'll see what happens with that! =D

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Last Weekend.

Wow what fun was last weekend! =)
Friday i took steve out for his bday dinner...
and he was soo surprised to see everyone there! hehe
then we just went back to lizz's and partied it up =D that was fun.
austin came over and he hung out for a bit and then left.
dudee i think im likin that kid again :) lol but anyways
so yeah danielle and steve were drunk off their asses! so funny!
soo many inside jokes from that night! tons of fun!
soo after we finally got the smirnoff from ivan i started drinking..
and i didnt have as much as id had 3 weeks ago but omg i was soo tipsy too! haha
it was great. danielle and i were like all over steve! hahahahaha
but anyways. um yeahhh we stole lizz's bed and we all 3 slept in it together. haha
saturday danielle took me home. ended up falling asleep for 4 hours and when i woke up no one was home.
so i did homework. then they got home and we went out to dinner. lizz called and i went over to her house for a bit and then came home at 12.
sunday i drove diana out to maricopa and then came back and went shopping with my mom.
got some new clothes for work. today went to school.
after school ami lizz danielle and i went to TGI Fridays haha that was soo fun!
so, we almost died like 4 times in the car! but it was all funny!
came back and went to cheer. i was like 5 freakin minutes late and laura is all bitching at me!
agghhh i soo miss sophomore and freshman year of cheer they were the best!
i miss those years. even though i love being captain. the team was just so much better then.
sophomore years routine was the best one ever and nothing can top it.
UNLESS we pull something freakin amazing this year.
i really want to fly again. i miss it.
valley christian might be coed this year. and that scares me.
it also scares me that sedona red rock is so good and theyere comepeting against us too. :-/
we'll see what we can do this year. hmm tumbling went good tonight.
did 1 standing tuck but it wasnt that great. worked on running tumbling more.
did round off bhs 2! so yay i still go that its just not very good haha
i came home and yeah now im here. soo laguna is on in 15 mintues! im excited to watch it! hehe 2 of the love triangles are breaking up! =D lol
so i start my job tomarrow! hopefully it goes well! im excited to make money! hehe =D
uuhh this weekend is goign to be fun.
friday night we;re all going out to see red eye! austins coming! yay! :)
saturday the girls are coming over and we;re getting free make overs from mary kay! YAY!
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life update! :)

SOOOO.... many good things are happening this year! which makes it awsome.

1) Cheer Camp
-beating hamilton
-comeing home with 2 trophies
-comeing home with a spirit stick
-making UCA all stars
-having them want me to apply to be on the UCA camp staff
2) Senior Pictures
-i love how they turned out
3) My Gang Bang Friends! LOL
-i love my new group of friends! they are so awsome!
-allie, lizz, ami, danielle, alicia, sam, meagan
4) Job
-applied at a few places.
-got accepted at partyland! i start there on tueday!
-im going to work tuesdays and thursdays 4-close. and sometimes saturdays sundays or friends.
5) Austin
-i started talking to austin zirk more again! i miss that kid.
-went out to the movies 2 times with him.
-i think im beginning to like him again. just like i did in 1st-4th grade haha
-i learned that he used to like me way back in 1st grade through middle school! aww so cute!
-he is exactly what my dream guy looks like, blonde hair... blue/green eyes! <3 i love it!
6) Senior Year
-english, getting dual enrollment, college credit and hs credit! so yay! the class seems pretty easy.
-governmetn, the class is really fun... i just realzied i need to study... got a 60 on my frist test.
-algebra 3-4, the class is easy right now... its filled with a ton of cool people.
-intern:yearbook editor, so the yearbook is going to be cool this year. great theme. great cover. NEW way to work on the pages so that we can do it at home! its pretty sweet! new supplement.... CD of the year! its gona rock! i cant wait!
-getting out at 12:15 everyday rocks! i love it! i can go home and sleep before practice or i have to pick up the kids! hehe

so far thats all the good stuff thats happend! i'll post more if anything good happens anytime soon! =D
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because its oh so very interesting.

10 random things about me♥
-i love cheerleading.
-i have lived in arizona my entire life.
-i love track.
-caviness is my fav teacher EVER!
-i just got a job at partyland.
-i think i like austin.
-i love my friends.
-im a senior at horizon honors high school.
-i love having blonde hair.
-i love to dance.

9 places i've visited ♥
-New York

8 things i wanna do before i die ♥
-get married
-have kids
-be successful
-go to austrailia
-go to japan
-bungee jump
-get kissed in the rain
-meet a celebrity

7 ways to win my heart ♥ ♥
-kiss me in the rain.
-cuddle with me.
-surprise me with flowers.
-be honest.
-kiss me.
-be one of my best friends.
-give me a pink diamond ring.

6 things i beleive in ♥
-everything happens for a reason
-god put us on earth to make a difference

5 things im afraid of ♥
-losing all my friends
-losing my family
-getting my heart broken

4 favorite items in my room ♥
-my stereo
-my shoes
-my bed
-my pictures

3 things i do everyday ♥

2 things im tryin to do right now ♥
-go running 3 days a week (tues thurs sun)
-keep up with all my school work, especially government

1 wish i wanna make ♥
-to love and be loved in return :)
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