December 15th, 2006


wedding tomarrow! im excited!
im gona be pretty! =]

gettin my nails done and gotta figure out how to do my hair and make up! hehe =] yayyy

havent  really been out much this week.... dont really want to go out. 
i dont want to party and i dont want to go to the hookah bar.
i want to go out to the movies and out to eat and just chill
i dont want to do the whole party scene. im kinda over it.
(unless its with people i know.)

i think im totally going to change how i act. 
ive realized that its alot easier for me to get hurt than it is others because of all the shit ive already been through.
smoking - bad idea
drinking - bad idea
pretty much anything bad - bad idea
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    Christina Aguilera - hurt