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to the D to the E to the l-i-c-i-o-u-s

no more psychology! i ended up with a 72 over all. so i passed. thank god!! haha
no more communications! just gay "awards banquet" final thing on wed next week!
math tomarrow.... then final on monday. i dont think it will be that bad... and i have an A in the class so i think i'l be fine.
philisophy..... tomarrow and tuesday are the last days for that... i still need to write a paper which im going to work on today....

weird.... my foot is hurting'? the top of it? i duno why.
my neck hurts too. i think i slept on it wrong. =[

still need to get some christmas presents! i need somethin for stephers and lizz and my daddy and mommy. well actually just hafta go and buy moms i know what im getting her... but the others i have no clue!!? i have part  of stephanies.... but i just have no clue what to get everyone else. 

homecoming bball game on friday! should be fun! i get to cheer! i miss it =[ haha
micha's wedding is a week from saturday! im excited for that too! 

goin to the new oasis tonight for karaoke! it should be fun! =]
i need to get a new digital. mines broken and im in desprite need of new pictures. ALSO... i need to finish the disposable camera ive had since halloween! haha

i dont want to work tonight. its gona suck. its gona be sooo slow! its gona make me sad. and nicole isnt working so that means im probly going to hafta stay later because brent is mean. =[ whateverrrrrrr

ow my foot really hurts. =[
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