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the guy for me.

Alright so, I've been thinking, and I've been thinking about things that I look for in a guy. haha I think I may be too picky and thats why I will never find him, which scares me because I'm afraid I'll eventually end up alone =[ sometimes I feel ive already had my one true love. and now that I dont think its him anymore there isnt another guy out there for me? I dont know., its just confusing sometimes.

The guy i want would be..... (in no specific order)
-emotionally stable
-smart, has some college background, diploma, still in school, just something that says he isnt a slacker =]
-desire for children
-likes to do sports, is physically fit
-likes to travel
-likes to just hang out and not do anything sometimes.
-likes to snuggle
-likes movies
-will drive me around, sometimes i just get sick of driving. haha
-loves me for me
-drinks, but isnt an alcoholic
-no smoking! cigs are gross. i dont care about hookah though.
-no drugs!
-respects his mother 
-respects his father
-is sensitive, but can also be tough
-is willing to help out if needed
-has goals
-likes to laugh, but can also be serious
-likes to have fun
-enjoys my company
-can spend time with his friends while i spend time with mine
-likes my friends
-likes my family

those are just some things, im sure theres many more that i cant think of right now.
i dont know it just seems kind of hopeless =[
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