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Wow, so I havent posted in this for over a year! I kinda just got way into myspace! haha (which I still love! of course) =] Alright so alot has happend in a little over a year... but I'm not gona go through everything. Nor am I going to highlight it all either. Maybe a few things but not everything. I'm just way to lazy to think all the way back to that!

OF COURSE... I GRADUTED FROM HS! =] & prom was amazing and so much fun! =]

summer was a crazy one!  lots of parties with northwest kids. just other random parties, hookah, got a job, taking SPA101 and SPA102 and my car getting wrecked =[ sleeping around isnt good either. friends getting fucked over. fucking yourself over.  its just not good and thats what this summer consisited of. dont get me wrong. it was a fun fun summer but still some things that happend just shouldnt have. i regret them but theyre all a learning experience so thats all that matters.

This fall: dang its gona by so fast! im so happy though i really need a nice relaxing vacation! been workin partyin hookah chillin just everything. its been fun. im so excited for winter break! =] 

boys! gosh i just dont know what to do! i like chad. STILL. goodness. i dont know whats wrong with me and why i still like him!! im crazy. but theres been some new guys too.  so maybe some of those might work out... hopefully. and then i can get over chad. blahhh. drive me crazy for sure!

Count Downs:::

Horizon Homecoming - 5 days
Winter Break - 10 days
Micha's Wedding - 13 days
Allie's Show -16 days
Christmas - 22 days
New Years Eve - 28 days
Diana's Birthday - 56 days
Car Accident 3 Years - 73 days
Mom's Birthday - 74 days
Christina Aguilera Concert - 87 days
My 19th Birthday - 130 days
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