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just like heaven

saw just like heaven last night
it was so cute! i cried tho! it was sad but happy hehe
umm yeah after i met davy for ice cream and yeah we hooked up.
thats my story the end haha.

went to work this morning.
then alyssa's vball tournament.
they lost how sad. :( actually they did alright but they didnt win.

im covering amy's shit tomarrow at work..
so im workin tomarrow yayyy that means more money!
im working 12 pm to 5:30

i keep spending money on my debit.
im going to be broke soon.
fuck me i need to stop.

i need a boy. i miss them! aww :(

the boy i wanted to be with didnt want to be with me....
and the guy i want to be friends with wants to hook up.
agghhhh what is wrong with boys these days!?!
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