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this week.

so this week should be nice and easy.

last weekend was pretty fun. i hung out with boys all weekend hehe. friday night i hung out with austin we saw the 40 year old virgin and got ice cream and just hung out hehe i drove his car so basically i dont like driving stick shifts lol saturday was pretty boring. i went to work at 9 until 1 and then came home and did nothing. i went out with steve to go look at cell phone companies cuz he wants a new one i guess. my parents and i went out to get japanese food it was yummy hehe. umm and later that night i went out to bahama bucks with alex from mp. soo yeah that was my saturday. on sunday i did chores all day. BORING. i was really really bored hehe alyssa and i went to the mall windsor didnt have the dress i want! GRr that made me mad haha. ummm later i went over to steves cuz we were both bored. we didnt do much haha eventually we were bored enough we decided to go and find austins house. haha we found it its like right down the street from steves. thats cool hehe. we hung out with him for a bit and man was that fun haha driveing 50 down equestrian trail with austin on the outside of the durango holding on! haha oh and i let steve drive LOL!! he thought it was rather fun haha. ummm i went home and yeah that was sunday. on monday i didnt more chores all day. eventually i went down to the lynches house cuz austin was there and hungout with all of them and then austin and i left and we went and rented meet the fockers haha and went back to his house to watch it hehe it was rather fun :) then i came home and hung out with the family hehe. umm today yeah school. DUMB. english was boring. math was boring. lol yay for boring haha. after school austin and i went to RA for lunch hehe that was fun. then i went home and left for cheer. soo cheer was rather fun! i love having stephanie back it makes me so much happier! hehe =D cheer wasnt horrible today or anything i actually enjoyed it! haha steph and i based together and melissa backspotted hehe that was fun. oh and jasmine flew on us. yeah soo laura said that today was the last day of practice until next month! thank god i needed a break! hehe and i think everyone else needed one too. then i went to work hehe it was fun katelyn and i get along pretty well hehe. =) i found out that katelyn lives in lakewood too! hehe soo yeha that was my day today. tomarrow is gov and intern. easy day. hehe we're watching a movie in gov. and i have tumbling tomarrow night at 7:30 on thursday morning im going in to work on the spirit boxes in lauras room with xanga hehe then more school. i work thursday from 4 til close. friday is gov and intern again. i dont know whats going on this weekend. hopefully something fun will come up! hehe for the next 2 weeks i work tueday, thursday, and saturday. this week i work saturday 1 to close and next weekend i work saturday 9 to 1! hehe fun stuff!
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