christmas is in 4 days!! yayy!! im so excited. =]
im done working for the week too so yay! haha
umm when i went in to work today to get my tip out 
i was able to like make my own schedual for next week! so that was fun! hehe
i should be working tuesday thursday and friday nights and sunday at 10am
yay, the new year comes in a little over a week! how exciting! =]

going to flagstaff tomarrow coming back on sunday! christmas eve! how fun! =]
christmas with my moms side of the family so that shoud be fun!
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the wedding was majorly fun!!
my sisters and i looked so pretty!! =]
yay us!

christmas is coming!
im almost done with my shopping.
i got lizz's gift today.
i already have allie, alyssa, diana, my mom, and my dad done.
the last person is stephanie!
i just dont know what to get her! aaahhh!!!

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wedding tomarrow! im excited!
im gona be pretty! =]

gettin my nails done and gotta figure out how to do my hair and make up! hehe =] yayyy

havent  really been out much this week.... dont really want to go out. 
i dont want to party and i dont want to go to the hookah bar.
i want to go out to the movies and out to eat and just chill
i dont want to do the whole party scene. im kinda over it.
(unless its with people i know.)

i think im totally going to change how i act. 
ive realized that its alot easier for me to get hurt than it is others because of all the shit ive already been through.
smoking - bad idea
drinking - bad idea
pretty much anything bad - bad idea
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now i know that it feels like forever.

wheee. today is horizons homecoming (old hs). 
and all of us alumni cheerleaders get to cheer! 
im way excited! =]
but booo because i have a dentist appt at 11:40! =[ 
and i have a chiro appt at 10.
dudeeee. i need to get some christmas shopping done!! 
still need to get moms gift, dads, stephs lizz's, and something for my person from my communications class! oh goodness!
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to the D to the E to the l-i-c-i-o-u-s

no more psychology! i ended up with a 72 over all. so i passed. thank god!! haha
no more communications! just gay "awards banquet" final thing on wed next week!
math tomarrow.... then final on monday. i dont think it will be that bad... and i have an A in the class so i think i'l be fine.
philisophy..... tomarrow and tuesday are the last days for that... i still need to write a paper which im going to work on today....

weird.... my foot is hurting'? the top of it? i duno why.
my neck hurts too. i think i slept on it wrong. =[

still need to get some christmas presents! i need somethin for stephers and lizz and my daddy and mommy. well actually just hafta go and buy moms i know what im getting her... but the others i have no clue!!? i have part  of stephanies.... but i just have no clue what to get everyone else. 

homecoming bball game on friday! should be fun! i get to cheer! i miss it =[ haha
micha's wedding is a week from saturday! im excited for that too! 

goin to the new oasis tonight for karaoke! it should be fun! =]
i need to get a new digital. mines broken and im in desprite need of new pictures. ALSO... i need to finish the disposable camera ive had since halloween! haha

i dont want to work tonight. its gona suck. its gona be sooo slow! its gona make me sad. and nicole isnt working so that means im probly going to hafta stay later because brent is mean. =[ whateverrrrrrr

ow my foot really hurts. =[
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fuckin boys.




i complain too much about boys!!!
fuck them all!

the guy for me.

Alright so, I've been thinking, and I've been thinking about things that I look for in a guy. haha I think I may be too picky and thats why I will never find him, which scares me because I'm afraid I'll eventually end up alone =[ sometimes I feel ive already had my one true love. and now that I dont think its him anymore there isnt another guy out there for me? I dont know., its just confusing sometimes.

The guy i want would be..... (in no specific order)
-emotionally stable
-smart, has some college background, diploma, still in school, just something that says he isnt a slacker =]
-desire for children
-likes to do sports, is physically fit
-likes to travel
-likes to just hang out and not do anything sometimes.
-likes to snuggle
-likes movies
-will drive me around, sometimes i just get sick of driving. haha
-loves me for me
-drinks, but isnt an alcoholic
-no smoking! cigs are gross. i dont care about hookah though.
-no drugs!
-respects his mother 
-respects his father
-is sensitive, but can also be tough
-is willing to help out if needed
-has goals
-likes to laugh, but can also be serious
-likes to have fun
-enjoys my company
-can spend time with his friends while i spend time with mine
-likes my friends
-likes my family

those are just some things, im sure theres many more that i cant think of right now.
i dont know it just seems kind of hopeless =[
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Wow, so I havent posted in this for over a year! I kinda just got way into myspace! haha (which I still love! of course) =] Alright so alot has happend in a little over a year... but I'm not gona go through everything. Nor am I going to highlight it all either. Maybe a few things but not everything. I'm just way to lazy to think all the way back to that!

OF COURSE... I GRADUTED FROM HS! =] & prom was amazing and so much fun! =]

summer was a crazy one!  lots of parties with northwest kids. just other random parties, hookah, got a job, taking SPA101 and SPA102 and my car getting wrecked =[ sleeping around isnt good either. friends getting fucked over. fucking yourself over.  its just not good and thats what this summer consisited of. dont get me wrong. it was a fun fun summer but still some things that happend just shouldnt have. i regret them but theyre all a learning experience so thats all that matters.

This fall: dang its gona by so fast! im so happy though i really need a nice relaxing vacation! been workin partyin hookah chillin just everything. its been fun. im so excited for winter break! =] 

boys! gosh i just dont know what to do! i like chad. STILL. goodness. i dont know whats wrong with me and why i still like him!! im crazy. but theres been some new guys too.  so maybe some of those might work out... hopefully. and then i can get over chad. blahhh. drive me crazy for sure!

Count Downs:::

Horizon Homecoming - 5 days
Winter Break - 10 days
Micha's Wedding - 13 days
Allie's Show -16 days
Christmas - 22 days
New Years Eve - 28 days
Diana's Birthday - 56 days
Car Accident 3 Years - 73 days
Mom's Birthday - 74 days
Christina Aguilera Concert - 87 days
My 19th Birthday - 130 days
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just like heaven

saw just like heaven last night
it was so cute! i cried tho! it was sad but happy hehe
umm yeah after i met davy for ice cream and yeah we hooked up.
thats my story the end haha.

went to work this morning.
then alyssa's vball tournament.
they lost how sad. :( actually they did alright but they didnt win.

im covering amy's shit tomarrow at work..
so im workin tomarrow yayyy that means more money!
im working 12 pm to 5:30

i keep spending money on my debit.
im going to be broke soon.
fuck me i need to stop.

i need a boy. i miss them! aww :(

the boy i wanted to be with didnt want to be with me....
and the guy i want to be friends with wants to hook up.
agghhhh what is wrong with boys these days!?!
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